Sunday, February 3, 2013

No More

The market continues to grind higher. I still feel we're near the top but what can you do. I've read over some of the old posts and I realize I'm trying to predict something that can't be predicted. Many "experts" believe they can call a market top or bottom, but in reality very few, if any, can. So, why should I try?

I created the MTT for exactly this... just like everyone else, I'm terrible at predicting things. The MTT tells us the short term trends while the long term indicator gives us, surprise, the long term indicator. These two indicators are all we need.

From this point on I'll stop trying to predict the tops and bottoms. I'm sure I'll give my thoughts, but no more "this is the day" type of posts.

With that said, we had a nice day on Friday. The MTT went green on Thursday so we were able to catch that move. Let's watch Monday and see what happens.

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